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  • 5 Tips on how to create a Viral Application

5 Tips on how to create a Viral Application

It seems like everyone nowadays wants to create a viral application. Be it for fame or for money, it has become every developer’s dream. Well, today we are going go share some of our knowledge on this subject so that you may also become the next rock star app developer.

1. Be Purposeful

The first thing that you should do is set a clear goal for your application and drive the software development process first and foremost towards it. What you typically want is an application that excels at something.

Stay away from “jack of all trades” Apps because they only look good on paper, not in the real consumer world. What your users really want is an App that’s simple, easy to use and that gets the job done.

2. Be Habitual

Ideally, you want your application to become a habit for users. This means that you should build it in such a way that they get more from it, the more they check back to it. This is a MUST for any viral application.

Every visit should build upon the last one and so on.

3. Don’t follow the herd

One thing that characterizes almost any viral application out there is its uniqueness. This brings back a famous Coco Chanel quote that is as true in the software development world as it is in fashion:

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

Make no mistake, irreplaceable Apps are ALWAYS viral.

4. Be in tune with the times

You know what would really suck ? To create a viral App and realize that you’ve just developed what seems to be “Yesterday’s viral App”.

Avoid this by keeping up with current times and trends. Social analysis can go a very long way. After all, one way or another you need to find out what users are actually craving for if you want a viral App.

5. Be Social

There is absolutely no exception to this rule. If you want your application to go viral, it needs to have a social side to it.

A good idea is to encourage users to report on what they’ve been using the App for and how it has helped them or how much fun they had using it.

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