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Archive for August, 2013

Watch out Software Developers! The Smartwatch is coming

After over a year of rumors and speculations, we can now rest assured that we will have Smartwatches on our wrists in the near future. On the 4th of September Samsung will finally announce its “not so long awaited” Smartwatch dubbed “Galaxy Gear”. Of course, if you’ve been watching the IT world closely then you probably saw this coming a mile away. I, for one, sure did. Since the beginning of 2013, Tech giants hinted that they will engage in a fierce battle for your wrist and Samsung is about to strike first, or maybe not. Old, yet still new, especially for ... Read More


Applications that boost your productivity

For the most part, the internet is great (wow, thank you Captain Obvious). After all, it is the first thing to come along and turn us from simple human beings into all-knowing deities, and all this with a simple flick of the wrist or click of the mouse. However, despite all its benefits, sometimes the internet can work like a double-edged sword and affect certain work-related areas of our life. Usually, the thing that suffers the most is our productivity. We’ve all been there, browsing away without a care, looking at cats and funny videos when we should have been ... Read More


5 Tips on how to create a Viral Application

It seems like everyone nowadays wants to create a viral application. Be it for fame or for money, it has become every developer’s dream. Well, today we are going go share some of our knowledge on this subject so that you may also become the next rock star app developer. 1. Be Purposeful The first thing that you should do is set a clear goal for your application and drive the software development process first and foremost towards it. What you typically want is an application that excels at something. Stay away from “jack of all trades” Apps because they only look good ... Read More


Facebook – Now an even safer marketing environment

Facebook has always been a fairly safe and secure marketing environment, both in terms of virtual safety and “return on investment”. During the last couple of years Facebook software development experts have done everything in their power to make the mammoth platform one of the most secure social and advertising environments on the Web. The past was safe The first major leap towards excellent virtual security was taken two years ago when the Facebook software development team announced that they will provide users with the ability to browse the site entirely over a HTTPS connection. This was a big change because ... Read More