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2012 IT Recap

That was a close one. Even though the world didn’t end in 2012, a lot has changed this year within the Information Technology environment. Many of these software development and applications development changes were also listed here on the Developers Global blog so if you’ve been checking back regularly, you are probably up to date with everything that’s been going on this year.

For those of you that missed some of these events, I have put together an extensive list containing everything newsworthy within software development services, mobile and desktop application development, social networking – Facebook and more.


2012 was truly a busy year for everyone’s favorite social network. The Facebook highlight of the year occurred on the 18th of May when the company went public. It’s been a rough ride ever since for Zuckerberg & Co. and 7 months later, the stocks have dropped almost 24% from $38 to $28 per share. Still, they have been lower and considering the fact that the company is constantly coming up with new ways of making money, the future doesn’t look grim.

And speaking about ways of making money, this year Facebook also introduced the new “Want” and “Collect” buttons which make gift shopping for yourself, friends or family a breeze. Of course, this also makes Facebook CMS pages designed for advertising much more effective (don’t forget, we can build these for you anytime). Another good strategic move by Facebook was the acquisition of Instagram earlier this year which has further improved photo sharing and mobile engagement. And since we are talking about photo sharing it’s also worth mentioning the new Facebook Photo Sync feature introduced last month.

Oh, and let’s not forget, as it stands now one in seven people worldwide has a Facebook account. That’s right, the social network has surpassed the 1 billion mark this year. This could have been the highlight of 2012 but to be honest, everyone could see it coming from a mile away.

Mobile Development

In the mobile sector, especially the Smartphone / Tablet one, 2012 brought more of the same. Operating systems evolved, devices got smarter and smaller while lawsuits got bigger and more intense. Samsung and Apple are still fighting over patents and it doesn’t seem like this war will end soon especially since it seems like new litigations pop up every time a new device is launched.

Gadget-wise, the main battle was and is still fought between Samsung Galaxy S3 launched in May and the iPhone 5 launched in September. While Apple still holds the number one spot when it comes to design and slickness, sadly, as far as features and innovation is concerned, the Cupertino company is simply playing catch-up now. Android is slowly maturing and becoming more and more stable, making it a dangerous rival to iOS.

Windows 8 Mobile was also released this year and while the devices running it are stable and of high quality, the operating systems still has a long way to go before turning into a viable alternative for Android or iOS. The main problem with Windows Mobile is the same as last year: the lack of applications, and I’m not talking about random ones and small widgets here. I am actually referring to stuff that we take for granted on our Android or iOS devices like Chrome, Dropbox or Google Reader.
Microsoft has also released Windows 8 this year and even if it’s still in its infancy, this new, innovative operating system promises a lot. With the addition of ultrabooks sporting large touch-screens and running Windows 8, it seems like Apple has to play catch-up yet again.

Web Design and Software Development

When it comes to Web Design and Platform Engineering, the keywords of 2012 are HTML 5 and Cloud Computing. These two have evolved even further and we’re certainly keeping a close watch on them. Even though it is rumored that HTML 5 won’t be complete before 2022, many of its features can be used right now with any project. Also, as far as Cloud Computing goes, IaaS and SaaS are still some of the best options for Site and Platform Engineering.

2012 has also seen a better integration and implementation of agile software development and we are proud to say that we are among the companies that have built upon this methodology and even improved it over the years in order to fit our software development services perfectly.

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